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Hell's Gate - Bulletin Boards
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Hell's Gate Bulletin Boards

(Posting Guidelines Rule 6) There are a total of five bulletin boards throughout Hell's Gate, the main board, and one board for each classification of criminals. You can only post to the main board and the crime you are assigned (killers can only post to the killer board, etc). When posting to the crime-specific board, please put the crime in brackets in the subject of the post itself (i.e. [Killers] [Perverts] [Cowards] [Traitors]). If your character is not of this group, you cannot read the board postings unless you go to that wing at night and specifically look in that location. If your character IS in this group, they can assume to have read this at some point during each shift. You may post to the bulletin board anytime during the day, but at night you may only post if you are located at the location of the board you are posting. If you leave your subject line empty or post without the crime listed in the beginning of your subject, you are assumed to post to the general board.

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